Tea to Fill the Gaps

A friend recently shared how she loves seeing the daily lives of long distance pals when she visits. She got me thinking about the sequence of small rituals that form our days. 

  I know my sister drinks tea about the same time of day as I drink tea, even though she’s 1,100 miles away.  At any hour from mid morning to sunset, I know my mom has a stout cup of coffee to hand. Her granddaughter inherited an affection for coffee (though we give her decaf).  

And I, even when I go quiet for a long stretch of family time or intensive writing, I am near to tea. 


We welcomed our fifth child, a daughter, at the end of February. In the days since, I have completed my edits on Tea and Crumples! It’s on track to be released in November with Light Messages Publishers.


What rituals get you through your day?